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Endless possibilities await our guests at these great resorts.
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Latest Travel News from CNN - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

02/19/2019 08:31 AM
Our favorite travel photos of 2019 so far
A sea of lanterns light up the night in Tangshan, China to mark the Chinese Lantern Festival.

02/19/2019 10:57 AM
For the first time in 94 years, Beijing's Forbidden City to open at night
A rare opportunity for those who have long dreamed of watching illuminated lanterns dancing across night skies in the stunning historic setting of Beijing's Forbidden City.

02/19/2019 09:41 AM
British Airways 1960s-styled Boeing 747 flies to New York
Among the usual traffic taking off at London's Heathrow Airport on Tuesday morning was an eye-catching blast from the past -- a retro-painted British Airways Boeing 747.

02/18/2019 05:32 PM
Airlines will add new gender options for non-binary passengers
US airline passengers who don't identify as "male" or "female" will soon have more gender options to choose when booking tickets.

02/18/2019 11:34 AM
Airbus Beluga XL spreads its wings at long last
Massive whale-resembling Airbus cargo jet known as the Beluga XL has completed testing in the UK, a key step in bringing one of the most hotly anticipated airplanes closer to active service.

02/18/2019 11:03 AM
The top nine reasons to visit Houston in 2019
From its integral role in the world's first moon landing 50 years ago this July to a new lineup of appealing options in the arts and culinary scenes, Houston has never been more ripe for exploration.

02/18/2019 08:03 PM
Thank you for being a fan: 'Golden Girls'-themed cruise to set sail in 2020
"Golden Girls" fans have been given the biggest gift, but they'll have to get on board next winter to see the card attached.

02/17/2019 07:15 PM
Wanko soba: Japan's all-you-can-eat noodle challenge
A chain of restaurants in Iwate prefecture invites diners to compete in the ultimate all-you-can-eat noodle competition

02/16/2019 09:34 AM
8 best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip
The world comes together on the Las Vegas Strip.

02/15/2019 03:58 AM
Germ-killing robot slips into hotel bedsheets
CleanseBot is a portable cleaning robot that can eliminate germs from your hotel bed and other surfaces. Read about how it came about and the technology it uses to purify hotel rooms.

Latest Travel News from USA Today

GANNETT Syndication Service

02/19/2019 06:18 AM
From Rembrandt to Warhol: The best exhibits at European museums for winter 2019
See works by famous artists including Rembrandt, Velázquez and Warhol, as well as some lesser-known painters like Canaletto and Sorolla.

02/19/2019 06:12 AM
Photo tour: The most beautiful places in Iceland
Iceland possesses some of the world’s most diverse landforms, from volcanoes and geysers to waterfalls, glaciers and cliffs.

02/18/2019 07:04 PM
In 1919, Grand Canyon National Park opened with a shrug. Now it's on everyone's bucket list.
It's almost shocking how the Grand Canyon, Arizona’s pride and joy, slipped quietly through the national-park back door and into preservation history.

02/18/2019 02:51 PM
Southwest Airlines under FAA investigation for aircraft weight, balance calculations
The investigation began in February 2018, and there have been no fines nor enforcement action from the investigation to date.

02/18/2019 11:01 AM
Rick Steves: What's new in France for 2019
Find out the latest on the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Mont Saint-Michel and more attractions.

02/18/2019 10:23 AM
Favorite presidential vacation spots around the USA
When you're the leader of the free world, getting away from it all takes on added importance.

02/19/2019 12:21 PM
Airlines already canceling Wednesday flights for new winter storm
Airlines are canceling flights and expanding their rebooking waivers ahead of a new winter storm that looks increasingly likely to disrupt flights.

02/19/2019 06:22 AM
Selling Havasupai falls reservations in Arizona is prohibited but that doesn't stop people from trying
Although prohibited by the Havasupai Tribe, some people are trying to profit by selling their hiking reservations for the famous waterfalls.

02/15/2019 10:00 AM
High fees and short tempers: What happened to respect in travel?
Travelers say the industry has lost respect for them. Maybe the feeling is mutual.

02/18/2019 10:27 AM
Everything you ever wanted to know and more about the plane cockpits
While they look confusing to the layperson the pilots know exactly what each one does and how it is to be used.

Top Of USA Today Section


USATODAY - Today In the Sky

06/19/2017 08:04 PM
Allegiant : 28 new routes, 3 new cities part of its biggest expansion ever
Allegiant bills news as “largest-ever announcement of new service in the company’s history.”

06/18/2017 08:52 PM
Weather delays: Monday turned out to be a terrible day to fly
Air travelers faced major headaches Monday afternoon as a long line thunderstorms blocked flight paths from New England to the Gulf Coast. 

06/20/2017 03:48 AM
Qatar Airways CEO warns of 'lasting wound' from 'blockade'
CEO: Fliers are returning and again using Qatar as aviation hub after initial hit to business.

06/18/2017 07:03 PM
Paris Air Show day 1: A bigger 737, huge Airbus order and the president
See all the stories that made news from the opening day of the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 02:59 AM
Boeing unveils a bigger 737 in fight against Airbus
Boeing's plans for 'stretched' version of its 737 Max aircraft came at the Paris Air Show.

06/19/2017 12:24 AM
Paris Air Show 2017: Airbus lands first big deal on Monday
Airbus has clinched a deal for 100 single-aisle A320neo planes in its first big move at the show.

06/19/2017 12:36 AM
Paris Air Show: What to look for in 2017
Boeing-Airbus rivalry will again be huge, but there are other interesting story lines.

06/15/2017 06:37 PM
New era of budget travel? Norwegian begins Boeing 737 flights to Europe
Discount airline will be flying 12 Boeing 737 routes to Europe from small U.S. airports by fall.

06/16/2017 05:12 AM
Name that airport ... (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
UPDATE: The photo in this week's "name that airport" post is of Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok. 

06/16/2017 12:00 AM
Spirit Airlines adds new routes from Pittsburgh, Hartford
The budget carrier is growing at two of its newest cities with more flights to Florida.

Top Of USA Today Section


GANNETT Syndication Service

02/08/2019 10:24 AM
World’s best hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2019 award winners
TripAdvisor has named its Travelers' Choice award winners for hotels in the USA and the world for 2019. The USA topped the list with 165 winners.

02/18/2019 08:23 AM
10 of the best adults only resorts around the world
Leave the hustle and bustle behind

02/12/2019 09:50 AM
Stay in the hotel suite of your dreams at The Palms
These Vegas suites are a destination in themselves

02/11/2019 07:48 AM
Valentine's Day travel ideas: TripAdvisor names the most romantic hotels in the world
TripAdvisor has named the winners of its 2019 Travelers' Choice awards for hotels, including the top 25 romantic hotels in the U.S. and the world.

02/18/2019 06:24 AM
TripAdvisor names the world's most romantic hotels for 2019
TripAdvisor has named the winners of its 2019 Travelers' Choice awards for hotels, including the top 25 romantic hotels in the U.S. and the world.

01/30/2019 01:56 PM
Dreamy Caribbean Airbnb listings under $150
A dreamy Caribbean vacation awaits you, and these Airbnb listings won't break the bank.

01/28/2019 03:44 PM
Adults only at these 10 romantic Caribbean resorts
Getaways that truly take you away

01/28/2019 04:10 PM
The best hostels in the world, according to Hostelworld
Staying in hostels is a key part of any budget traveler's itinerary, and Hostelworld is once again ranking the best accommodations.

01/28/2019 01:39 PM
Hostelworld's best hostels of 2019
Hostelworld's annual HOSCAR awards ranked these properties across a wide variety of categories.

01/28/2019 10:55 AM
New Caesars hotel to be built at Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona
Caesars announced it will build a luxury hotel near Scottsdale Fashion Square. It will be the company's first non-gaming hotel in the U.S.

Top Of USA Today Section


GANNETT Syndication Service

02/14/2019 05:20 PM
Cheap Caribbean: Best islands for budget vacations
A week of sun and sand may be priceless for your mental health (and your tan), but you don’t need to pay a fortune to get it.

02/15/2019 06:28 AM
From the Empty Quarter in Oman to Easter Island: 10 remote places to find peace and quiet
In our always-on, interconnected world, it's hard to find a place to unwind. These spiritual spots and nature preserves are ideal places for escape.

02/19/2019 06:02 AM
Must-see exhibits at European museums for winter 2019
See works by famous artists including Rembrandt, Velázquez and Warhol, as well as some lesser-known painters like Canaletto and Sorolla.

02/18/2019 11:34 AM
Ridiculous animals of the Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are home to many animal species found nowhere else in the world.

02/18/2019 11:22 AM
Beautiful photos of the northern lights
Seeing the northern lights, also called the aurora borealis, ranks high on many bucket lists.

02/18/2019 08:25 AM
10 reasons to be at Miami's biggest food festival
The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is back with more than 100 events

02/15/2019 08:19 PM
Whiteout conditions in California close Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks
Entrances to both Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks are now closed due to "whiteout conditions."

02/15/2019 05:56 AM
Great places to find peace and quiet
In our always-on, interconnected world, it's hard to find a place to unwind. These spiritual spots and nature preserves are ideal places for escape.

02/14/2019 07:51 AM
10 wineries you need to visit in Moldova
This small country is big in the wine world

02/14/2019 07:48 AM
Vote now for the best festivals in North America
Help us crown the best fests from coast to coast

Top Of USA Today Section


Latest Travel News from the New York Times

NYT > Travel

02/19/2019 03:00 AM
The 52 Places Traveler: Stop #2 on a Yearlong Journey, a Spot in Panama That Takes It Slow
The 52 Places Traveler heads to Panama expecting breakneck development and finds a place that is managing to escape the rush.
02/18/2019 11:33 AM
Bonaire: Where Coral and Cactus Thrive, and the Sea Soothes the Soul
In a dying reef world, the writer explores the underwater bliss of a little Caribbean island that is showing the world just how to save coral.
02/19/2019 07:27 AM
UPDATE: ‘There Are No Towels?’ The Renter’s Lament
One of the most frustrating aspects of renting a vacation home online — perhaps second only to a rental not resembling its photos or description — is what is missing.
02/15/2019 09:00 AM
The 52 Places Traveler: Visiting Puerto Rico, and Finding the Up Beat
On the first stop of his yearlong journey, the 52 Places Traveler makes it his mission to get off the beaten path and into the island.
02/14/2019 03:00 AM
36 Hours: 36 Hours in Miami and Miami Beach
From South Beach to Little Haiti and beyond, the metropolitan Miami area has plenty to offer everyone from beachgoers and music lovers to gallery hoppers and foodies.
02/15/2019 08:31 AM
The Least Vegas Neighborhood in Vegas
The city’s Arts District offers theater without blue men or topless women, no poker tables, and the kind of indie food and bar scene not often seen on the Strip.
02/11/2019 10:23 AM
Viewing the Northern Lights: ‘It’s Almost Like Heavenly Visual Music’
Seeing the aurora borealis has become a must-do item for camera-toting tourists from Alaska to Greenland to Scandinavia. On a trip to northern Sweden, the sight proved elusive, if ultimately rewarding.
02/11/2019 04:15 PM
Carry On: What Tituss Burgess Can’t Travel Without
The Emmy-nominated actor and singer prefers staycations in New York City. But when he travels for work, an electric fan and Pond’s face cream are must haves.
02/03/2019 03:00 AM
‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Offers a Tour of a Lost New York
The film, directed by Barry Jenkins and nominated for three Academy Awards, was adapted from the 1974 James Baldwin novel and shot largely on the city’s streets.
02/19/2019 03:00 AM
Front Burner: A Cheesy Reason to Love the Hamptons
Mecox Bay Dairy offers a wide range of cow’s milk cheeses, from a Stilton-style blue to an aged, firm Alpine style.
02/19/2019 10:37 AM
Montreal Dispatch: Culture Shock for French in Quebec: ‘We Smoke Cigarettes, They Smoke Pot’
Thousands of French people are coming to live in Quebec and discovering that a common language doesn’t necessarily mean a common culture.
02/18/2019 08:16 AM
How to Work Out in Any Hotel Room
Eight simple exercises developed by the New York-based personal trainer Anthony Nehra that require no equipment other than a bed, a chair and a suitcase.
02/17/2019 04:58 AM
India Dispatch: ‘The Pirate Days Are Over’: Goa’s Nude Hippies Give Way to India’s Yuppies
As newly middle-class Indians flock to Goa’s beaches, residents of the former countercultural enclave worry its laid-back, tolerant vibe will be disrupted by the visitors’ more conservative mores.
02/16/2019 03:00 AM
check in: Hotel Review: Paramount House Hotel, Sydney
A new hotel becomes another hot place for the hip to congregate — sometimes in droves — in the fashionable Surry Hills neighborhood.
02/19/2019 12:52 PM
T’s Wellness Guide to London
A shortlist of places to find wholesome food, color-therapy yoga — and even a lavender latte.

Top Of New York Times Section


Top Of New York Times Section


Latest Travel Tips from ESL

Suniil -- 2019-01-05 07:01
Travel and Tourism is a vast sector and fastest growing industry in the world. Travel and Tourism sector is a composite mix of various activities such as hotel booking, airline ticketing, tour guide services etc. Travel and Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the world. Travel and Tour...
Suniil -- 2019-01-05 06:59
Travel and Tourism is a vast sector and fastest growing industry in the world. Travel and Tourism sector is a composite mix of various activities such as hotel booking, airline ticketing, tour guide services etc. Travel and Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the world. Travel and Tour...
wildlife explorer india -- 2018-05-08 08:51
To spot big predators at Indian National Parks are less simple as Africa, it demands a good deal of work and patience to place them through your best wildlife safari in south india. You can also come across all significant creatures at one place such as in Tanzania, but in India, you must travel to ...
Concepts -- 2018-05-04 08:49
The slope station Shimla is a perfect goal for travelers over the globe. Shimla has perfectly arranged well-sew streets, capable organization, and faultless tidiness. Settled in the midst of the mysterious woods and staggering slopes, Shimla is situated at a normal elevation of around 2206 meters ab...
Brett A Arbogast -- 2018-05-04 08:49 They have an on-line course and then you do the practicum. Do you know anyone that has done it this way?...
Sujain Thomas -- 2015-08-29 04:46
Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You It doesn’t really matter whether you are one of those meticulous and go-by-the-book travelers or simply the fancy and footloose types without a care in the world, there are certain travel truths that will always catch up with you. You would have ten...
aggouni -- 2015-04-11 00:02
You may wonder what is the healthiest way to spend money? What causes us travel and be globetrotters? Where can a long trip on plane take us to? And where does the only palace exist in the United States? Discover 10 of the finest tourist facts that will introduce you to the world of travelling just ... -- 2015-03-01 09:13
Busted: Popular Travelling Myths Travelling is one of the THE rites of passage of the world. Everyone has this inherent need to travel whether they are from the stone age looking for better pastures or the new age man or woman looking to add some colour to life with a short trip abroad. Exploring ne...
Jude Tan -- 2014-04-26 06:50
So you've just had your Chinese visa stamped into your passport, your flights are booked, you have your farewell party sorted and it’s just a matter of days before the adventure begins. While a game of charades with your local waitress might be fun the first couple of times, getting chicken claw a...
Well jaded traveler -- 2014-00-22 18:18
When arriving in a new city, from my hotel room (which I always chose in the middle of the hotel area of the city), I walk to a nearby 5 star hotel. They always have a line of taxi cabs waiting in their drive way. They only allow good taxi drivers to pick up their guests. I don't know what the proce...

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